Our Kennel & Cattery is located in North Macedonia.

We are breeder of High Quality Cats, Poodles and also designer Doodle Dogs with a passion for all aspects of the amazing striving for the very best in the breed! 

All of our parents are deliberately and carefully selected based on diligent genetic testing, comprehensive temperament assessments and sound conformation resulting who are fabulous pets!
We are a team of proffesional breeders of quality British Shorthair Cats, British Longhair Cats, Selkirk Rex Cats, Poodles & Designer Doodle Dogs from health tested parents.

Our commitment to you is providing the pet that fits you and your family's needs best.

Temperament, health and good looks are the keys to our breeding program.


Our breeding facility is Comfortable, clean, and warm. 
PATIMANIA Cattery & Kennel has a well structured, professional breeding program in our Family Home. We are conscientious breeders ensuring our dogs and cats live the best life possible. Now we are working on our new facility where our dogs and cats will treated to a life of luxury and comfort. We plan to bring the standard of dog and cat breeding to a whole new level with all the features added to this facility.










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Rüzgar is a very kind young man and animals are his love. He is Banu's older son and he grow up with animals.

He's a high school student, so his time in the cattery and kennel is usually in the afternoons and on the weekends. He cares for the animals at his parents’ hobby farm. We are grateful to him for his willingness to spare some free time for our cattery and kennel attendants. He also enjoys helping us prepare the kittens and puppies for their new homes. His kindness towards each and every kitten and puppy is amazing... all Patimania Pets love him!

ilker aktas

alptug sentürk

s.fahri simsek

Our Patimania Breeder Team

rüzgar doganay ozcetin

Alptug is a very special member of our family and a good young gentleman who enjoys taking care of animals. He has a wealth of experience in animal welfare. As a younger boy he enjoyed raising lots of animals. Alptug has a great interest in animal care and is very successful in this field. Alptug is also a meticulously clean person who keeps our entire cattery and kennel clean, giving all cats and dogs a pleasant environment to live in. He is a valuable asset to us at Patimania Pethouse with his innate hard working nature and ability to take care of animals. It also helps all of our kittens and dogs grow up perfectly!

banu borali berber

caglar berber

Banu is the Co-Founder of Patimania PetHouse and the creator of the brand. She had always a big love and interest to animals. While this idea of Patimania was just a dream in 2012, the first person she shared her dream with was none other than her best friend, Çağlar. Banu has been a Hobby Breeder for years with the Patimania brand and has become an expert in breeding by constantly improving herself. She never gave up and pursued her dream for many years. In 2016, she established the TURKKED Cat Breeders Association in Turkey, which is affiliated to the WCF World Cat Federation, which she still chairs. 

In 2020, she finally convinced Çağlar and became instrumental in the establishment of their company. In the same year, she established also the POODER Poodle Dog Breeders Association in Turkey with Çağlar. Banu has a wealth of experience in animal welfare and also a keen interest and talent in cat and dog genetics and excels in this area. In addition to genetics, she received educations in felinology and cynology, and gained a serious knowledge of cats and dogs. She understands the breeding side of creating a healty, good looking and karakteristik pet. She helps us decide which parents get mated together at Patimania Pethouse . Her innate understanding of genetics and knowlage to the animals well being is a valuable asset to us here at Patimania PetHouse.

She also has many studies and certificates on Breathing, Meditation, BioEnergy, Personal Development, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, apart from Felinology and Cynology. She is also the founder and president of the Association named TUYODER All Gifted and Autistics in Turkey.

The secret hero behind Banu's free progress in her studies is her best friend and beloved husband Çağlar Berber. What could be more beautiful than a supportive husband?

Caglar is the Co-Founder of Patimania PetHouse and the hero behind the smooth running of Patimania PetHouse. He along with his partner and wife Banu and the entire family own and operate Patimania PetHouse.
His great love and interest towards animals dates back to his childhood years. When Banu told her about the idea of Patimania in 2012, the foundations of this beautiful formation were actually laid. Exactly eight years later, in 2020, Patimania PetHouse was embodied as a company where the right team came together. They achieved great results in the Cattery and Kennel with Caglar's past experience with animals and his excellent talent of management. In the same year, Çağlar joined to the Management of TURKKED Cat Breeders Association. Together with Banu, they established 2020 also the POODER Poodle Dog Breeders Association in Turkey. Caglar quickly gained a wealth of experience in animal welfare and breeding his working day and night. Successfully supported thanks to his talents the rapid growth of Patimania PetHouse. With Felinology and Cynology educations and experiences, he gained serious knowledge about cats and dogs fastly. He understands that creating a healthy, good looking and full-featured pet is primarily possible with a well-managed and disciplined Cattery and Kennel. He Follows with disiplin up of couple the pet parents and all follow-ups on kitten and puppy births at Patimania Pethouse. It is thanks to him that the hygiene rules of the Cattery and Kennel is followed and the whole mechanism works correctly. His innate, attentive, hardworking and disciplined nature is a valuable asset for us here at Patimania PetHouse.

Çağlar is not only a perfect company manager, wonderful and loving family father, he is also a wonderful gentleman who is loved and respected from everyone he knows him. He is a man who can show his love and care with a deep bond and care to all our cats and dogs.

bulut tekin senyuva

Bulut has always enjoyed caring for animals. He is Banu's younger son and he also grow up with animals like his brother Rüzgar. He cares like his brother for the animals at his parents’ hobby farm. Bulut is still a primary school student and has a passion for making sure animals are comfortable and happy which is so important to us. His soft spoken personality bodes well in supplying the kitten and puppies with lots of love and attention in a gentle, caring way. He already follows many issues concerning the welfare of our animals and often surprises us with his talent. Patimania Pethouse kitten and puppies will always be given the socialization they need when in Bulut’s hands.


PATIMANIA Kennel offers help with training puppies!

At your request, our qualified trainers will take care of all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy your puppy without the initial hard work of house training, leash training, crate training and learning all the basic commands. However, even if you want to train your pup by yourself, we will always be a phone call away with our lifetime free consultancy service.




Please take your time and read through our website. We have a host of information that you will be sure to find valuable whether you are new or familiar with the breed.

Enjoy your stay and hope to get in touch with you soon!

We are the breeders behind Patimania Pethouse! Our program is successful with the help of our amazing team of our family and friends, who are guardians for our parent cats and dogs. We are all passionate and dedicated to raising fabulous Cats and Poodles, also raising and designing the best Doodle puppies and preparing them for successful new lives with their loving furever families. 

Our standard for success is very high! We define ultimate success in three primary ways:

1) Selecting optimal parents based on robust health testing, temperament and appearance assessments. 

2) Designing the very best kitten and puppies based on this criteria. 

3)  Matching our families with the perfect pets for them!

All of our superior quality breeding cats and dogs live in our home with our family or in a loving guardian family homes. They are pets first and foremost-truly part of the family. All of our kitten and puppies are born and raised inside our home with a very intentional focus on ensuring our kitten and puppies' environment is nurturing and positive on day one. Their socialization begins the moment they are born with a goal to give our adorable kitten and puppies an optimal foundation of love, nurturing and socialization. We consider this an honor and a privilege and look forward to partnering with you to find the perfect pet for your family!

God blessed our family with five wonderful sons who brought us much joy and happiness;

they are truly His gifts to us!


BREEDERS WITH EXPERIENCE, who have made theır job a lIfestyle

After signing a very successful partnership together, they started living together.

In 2021, they realized a feeling they had not discovered for years and decided to unite their lives forever, got married in a very romantic wedding and started a happy family with their five sons.